Rios Tula Bund Watch Strap Russian Leather Cognac

Rios Tula Bund Watch Strap Russian Leather Cognac


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The Rios Tula is a Bund watch strap made of Russian leather with a matte smooth finish and an additional leather underlayer. The leather of this watch strap is tanned with natural ingredients and treated with natural wax, feeling very smooth on the skin as a result. The strap is stitched and finished by hand. It is slighlty padded and delivered with a Rios buckle.

The Bund strap is a watch strap that originated in Word War II. Luftwaffe pilots were supposed to wear the strap to minimalize the contact between the watch and the skin, in order to prevent burns or freezing of the skin in case of extreme heat or cold. Nowadays, it is a sturdy watch strap that looks great with military (aviator) and other larger watches.

The Rios Tula bund strap is available in the following sizes (=✔):
Width in mm: 18 20 22
Width at buckle (mm): 16 18 18
Thickness at case (mm): 3,5 3,5 3,5
19,6 cm (8,2/11,4)
* The total length of both sides of the watchband, excluding the buckle and the watch.

This watch strap is delivered with free first-class stainless steel spring bars for perfect fit to your watch.

Brand Rios
Type Tula
Code 20406
Colour Brown - Light
Material Leather
Leather type Russian Leather
Grain smooth
Lining leather
Length excl. buckle see description
Length short/long part see description
Strap thickness see description
Padded yes
Clasp Type buckle
Clasp Material stainless steel
Width Clasp see description
Waterproof no
Country of origin Germany
Handmade yes

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