Coccodrillo Real Crocodile Skin Watch Strap Cognac - 16mm

Coccodrillo Real Crocodile Skin Watch Strap Cognac - 16mm


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A luxurious real crocodile skin watch strap with the typical scales, handmade in Italy. The skin and the grain are different for each strap, making each one of them unique. A beautiful, slightly padded watch strap for every classic and elegant watch.

This crocodile skin watch strap is availbale in the following sizes (=✔):
Width in mm: 16
Width at buckle (mm): 14
Thickness at case (mm): 4
M/L - +/- 19 cm
* The total length of both sides of the watch strap, excluding the buckle and the watch.

This watch strap is delivered with free first-class stainless steel spring bars for perfect fit to your watch.

The watch stap in the picture serves as an example.

Brand Pryngeps
Type Coccodrillo
Colour Brown - Light
Material Leather
Leather type crocodile skin
Grain Croco
Length excl. buckle See description
Strap thickness see chart
Padded slightly
Clasp Type buckle
Clasp Material steel
Width Clasp see chart
Waterproof No
Country of origin France
Handmade yes