Jacob Jensen Watch Band Curve 253, gray-white leather

Jacob Jensen Watch Band Curve 253, gray-white leather


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The original gray-white leather watch strap for Jacob Jensen Curve 253 watches. Please find the serial number on the back of your watch case - it consists of the numbers 253 followed by five more numbers. This watch strap is made of one piece of leather that is lead along the back side of the watch case. 

All Jacob Jensen Curve watch straps are interchangable (but will not fit to other Jacob Jensen types) - if you like you can wear your Jacob Jensen Curve watch with a different colour strap from the Curve series. We offer all Curve straps.

We are official selling point of Jacob Jensen watchstraps.
Brand Jacob Jensen
Type Curve
Code 253
Length excl. buckle 220 mm
Strap thickness 2,2 mm
Clasp Type Buckle
Clasp Material stainless steel
Waterproof No
Handmade No

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