Hirsch Voyager Watch Strap for Omega Folding Clasp Louisiana Alligator Skin Dark Brown

Hirsch Voyager Watch Strap for Omega Folding Clasp Louisiana Alligator Skin Dark Brown


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The Hirsch Voyager is a watch strap that fits to Omega watches with the special Omega folding clasp: the long half of the strap runs underneath the folding clasp. However, the strap fits to any other watch with regular straight lug ends, as well. This Hirsch Voyager strap is manufactured from fibre-deep barrel-dyed Louisiana alligator skin (CITES certified) that ows its beautiful shine to hand-brushing and is seamlessly fused to the smooth Silkglove lining leather with Hirsch Rembordé technology.

With the strap, you receive the special Hirsch Magic folding clasp. If you wish to re-use your original Omega clasp, you can order the strap without a folding clasp for a reduced price.

Watch straps that fit to Omega folding clasps have two important features: the width of the strap at the lug (the first figure in the menue) and the width at the clasp (the second figure in the menue). E.g. if you have a watch strap that is 22mm at the lug and 18mm at the clasp, you select '22-18mm'. You can find the different options in the chart below.

The Hirsch Voyager is available in the following sizes (=✔):
Width in mm: 20 22
Width at clasp (mm): 18 18
Thickness at case (mm): 4,5 4,8
Thickness at clasp (mm): 1,8 1,8
L - 20,5 cm (105/100 mm)
* The total length of both sides of the watchband, excluding the buckle and the watch.

This watch strap is delivered with free first-class stainless steel spring bars for perfect fit to your watch.

We are official dealer of Hirsch watch straps.


Brand Hirsch
Type Voyager
Code 07107417
Colour Brown - Dark
Material Leather
Leather type alligator skin
Grain scaled
Lining Softglove Leather
Length excl. buckle see chart
Length short/long part see chart
Strap thickness see chart
Padded yes
Clasp Type folding clasp
Width Clasp see chart
Waterproof no
Country of origin Austria
Handmade no

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