Eulit Two Piece Perlon Watch Strap Palma Pacific Gray

Eulit Two Piece Perlon Watch Strap Palma Pacific Gray


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The "Two Piece" Eulit Palma Pacific is a perlon watch strap that, unlike regular perlon straps, consists of two pieces, just like a regular strap. This watch strap has a dubble stainless steel buckle, holding the end of the strap firmly in place.

The special surface coating protects the straps from dirt and moisture and makes them extremely durable and resistant. The straps are manufactured in Germany with strongly woven perlon (Polyamide). The ends are sealed by heat to make sure they do not have rough edges.

We supply free A-grade stainless steel push pins with every watch band, so you can fit your new watch band safely to your watch.

* The strap in the picture serves as an example.
Brand Eulit
Type Perlon
Colour Gray
Material Perlon
Grain Woven
Length excl. buckle See description
Clasp Type Buckle
Clasp Material Stainless Steel
Width Clasp Like strap
Waterproof Yes
Handmade No