Diesel DZ1123 Watch Strap Brown Leather

Diesel DZ1123 Watch Strap Brown Leather


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The original Diesel watch strap for the Diesel watch with serial number DZ1123 (the serial number of your watch can be found on the back of the watch - it starts with "DZ", followed by four digits).

This strap is made of brown leather and has an original steel Diesel buckle.

BE ADVISED! You only buy the strap, not the watch.

As with all of our watch straps, with this strap you receive the appropriate new pins or screws to fit your strap to your watch, so it is fitted securely.

* the watch in the picture is an example to show you have the right strap. You only receive the strap, not the watch.
Brand Diesel
Code DZ1123
Clasp Type Buckle
Clasp Material Stainless Steel

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