Citizen Promaster AY5000-05L Watch Strap Black - 20mm

Citizen Promaster AY5000-05L Watch Strap Black - 20mm


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The original Citizen replacement watch strap for the Citizen Promaster AY5000-05L with case number
3740-E70006 and strap number 59-L7382. The strap is made of black rubber and has a No Decompression Limits chart. This chart indicates the time a diver can stay in the water at a certain depth, without having to consider decompression stops when surfacing. 

The strap has a 20mm lug width and gets 2mm wider on both sides before the wave pattern begins. The strap has an original stainless steel Citizen buckle and will also fit to other (diver) watches with a 20mm lug.

Be advised: you only buy the strap, not the watch.

As with all of our watch straps, with this strap you receive free stainless steel pushpins to fit your strap to your watch.

* The watch in the picture is an example to show you have the right strap. You only receive the strap, not the watch.
Brand Citizen
Type Promaster
Code 59-L7382
Grain Smooth
Length excl. buckle 210 mm
Length short/long part 80/130 mm
Strap thickness 5/3 mm
Clasp Type Buckle
Clasp Material Stainless Steel
Waterproof Yes
Handmade No